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Pupils in Primary 4 have worked hard throughout the term and have participated in many active learning opportunities.  Each week pupils have been learning outdoors working on numeracy, literacy and building team work skills while using the natural environment to support learning.  This week pupils enjoyed a trip to Alyth Den where we used our senses to develop descriptive language and worked in small groups to create artwork inspired by Andy Goldsworthy considering shapes, colours and size.  Look out for our work when you walk through the Den!
We have explored electricity and forces this term.  We have created French vocabulary quizzes using our knowledge of elecrical circuits and we have also created mazes for 'pompom beasties' to apply learning of magnetic forces.   Pupils also had fun investigating air resistance by making parachutes of different sizes for lego figures and testing these out.  They concluded that the bigger the parachute, the slower the fall!
Last week was Maths Week Scotland and all week Primary 4 were engaged in learning linked to numeracy and maths.  Activities included human twister using coordinates, numicon Hungry Hippos, carrying out a traffic survey in Alyth, using Carroll and Venn diagrams to sort natural materials, learning the vocabulary of maths and using the Blue Bots to enhance our use of directional language.  
Lots of learning and lots of fun!  Have a fantastic holiday P4!