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02-06-2023 12:35: Lunch Menu

Start Time: 02-06-2023 12:35

End Time: 02-06-2023 13:35

Additional Info: Red Meal: Beef Lasagne with Garlic Bread. Blue Meal: Breaded Fish with Chips & Beans. Orange Meal: Veggie Bean Burrito with Salad Selection (V). Sides: Peas. Dessert: Raspberry Jelly with Pineapple (Ve).

05-06-2023 12:35: Lunch Menu

Start Time: 05-06-2023 12:35

End Time: 05-06-2023 13:35

Additional Info: Milkshake (V). Red Meal: Vegeballs in Tomato Sauce with Pasta (Ve). Blue Meal: Quorn Dog with Diced Potatoes (V). Orange Meal: Macaroni Cheese with Crusty Bread (V). Sides: BroccolI. Dessert: Strawberry Ice Cream with Berry Sauce (V).

06-06-2023 12:35: Lunch Menu

Start Time: 06-06-2023 12:35

End Time: 06-06-2023 13:35

Additional Info: Red Meal: Traditional Mince with Boiled Potatoes. Blue Meal: Fish Fingers with Pasta Salad. Orange Meal: Baked Bean Baked Potato with Salad Selection (Ve). Sides: Carrots. Dessert: Shortbread with Apples (Ve).

07-06-2023 12:35: Lunch Menu

Start Time: 07-06-2023 12:35

End Time: 07-06-2023 13:35

Additional Info: Pizza Swirl (V). Red Meal: Chicken Burger Roll** with Pasta Salad. Blue Meal: Tuna Mayo Finger Roll** with Rice Salad. Orange Meal: Lentil Bolognese with Rice (Ve) . Sides: Sweetcorn.

08-06-2023 12:35: Lunch Menu

Start Time: 08-06-2023 12:35

End Time: 08-06-2023 13:35

Additional Info: Cream of Tomato Soup (V) Red Meal: Roast Beef in Gravy with Yorkshire Pudding & Roast Potatoes. Blue Meal: Egg Mayo Sandwich with Salad Selection (V). Orange Meal: BBQ Vegeball Sub** with Salad Selection (Ve). Sides: Vegetable Medley.