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Pupils in P4 have explored life in Ancient Egypt and have produced some excellent work throughout the term.  To start we learned about timelines and their importance in learning about events long ago.  We then investigated the River Nile and found out why life in ancient Egypt times was so dependent on the river.  Last week we joined in on a live online learning session run by the National Museum of Scotland and we learned about mummification and important artefacts which are held at the museum.  This was an excellent opportunity and after this pupils went on in class to produce 'YouTube' style tutorials on how to mummify a body using the iPads and iMovie (along with dolls and bandages!).  Pyramids were the focus one week and pupils learned about types of pyramids, built pyramids and worked together to created pyramids from sugar cubes.  This has been an great context for learning - all the pupils have been so enthusiastic about it and should be proud of their acheivements.  Well done P4!